AFS Senior Year Abroad

I’m studying abroad in Germany for my senior year of high school through AFS, an international exchange program. I’m attending school in Germany with kids my age.  I chose Germany because it seems like a really cool country. It has been the center of much of European history since the fall of the Roman Empire. I’m very interested in that subject so it would be a good experience for me. I am also interested in the language and culture of Germany.


Name: Toby (Tobiah) Simon Abramson

Home base: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Vacation: Toronto, Memphis

Favorite movie: The Great Escape

Favorite book: Catch-22

Travel tip: “Don’t say the word

‘bomb’ in an airport!”

Favorite songs

  1. 1.Take the A-Train.

  2. 2.Afternoon Delight

  3. 3.American Pie

  4. 4.Theme from Shaft

  5. 5.All God’s Chillen Got Rhythm

  6. 6.What I’d Say

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