Sharon's Bat Mitzvah - Singing!

Created: 17 Apr 2005


We started the evening with a short Havdalah service, led by Ian


It's really just coincidental that Ian looks like he's falling asleep while actually playing and singing!


Finishing with Shavua Tov!


...and then the REAL singing began!


Don't Maddie and her dad look like they do this all the time?!


Terese bowled over her family with her rendition of Our Lips Are Sealed!


Yep, a star is born!


Zepplin crosses over to yet another generation...


...but it's just too hard to sing those wah wah's from The Immigrant Song with a straight face!


Old Folkies from way the 70's (oh my!)


Future congregational cantorial soloist?


"...doesn't matter what you say..."


Crooner of the evening was definitely Stephen!


Emmet and Lou kick it up a notch!


Group songs were a big draw all evening.


Sometimes, it didn't really even matter if you knew the song!


"Fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa..."


"Better run run run run run run run away!!"


Singing straight from the heart!


Just sing loud...and smile!


And to end the night, "Do You Love Me?"


I'm hoping it's the girls part here, cuz otherwise the guys look pretty clueless!

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