Sharon's Bat Mitzvah - Fun and Games! well as great feats of balance and coordination!

Created: 18 Apr 2005


hula hoops like the rings of Saturn


How can you not get fired up with this kind of cheering section?


I just love how these kids just go for it completely, whether they can do it or not...WELL DONE!


They're all hula stars!


Maya's got the high hoop thing nailed!


"Check this out!"


"Ta da!"


Sharon and Maggie work it, while the judge watches very closely...


BFFE yes, but neither giving an inch in this competition!


It almost looks like Sharon just has to ask to hoop to keep swinging!


"Two? Sure, I can do two!"


Is that 2 blurred, or has Sharon now got 5 going?!


Kristin demonstrates the rare and very tricky Crouching Tiger Hidden Hula Hoop technique!


Judy shows that it's all in the family.


Miriam looks like she's about to lose it (the hoop that is!)


Eve as foil sculpture!


Why is he trying to eat the foil?


Trust me, you will look great!!!


A dedicated team hard at work, hoping for a prize scupture!


What's up with the chin strap Sharon?


"Is my crown on straight?"


Yes, there is still a party guest in there somewhere!


Shiny silver really is your color!


Evan closely monitors his team's work...

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