Sharon's Bat Mitzvah - Family Fun!

Created: 27 Apr 2005


Climbing, running, sliding...whoa, this place has it all!


"I want to go down there!"


"I fall down...!"


Whoa! Let's slide again!


Jeremiah loves Sharon!


I can DO this...


David helps launch Liliane on the slide!


...where'd she go?


Angie and Oslynn have a quiet chat, while others climb and slide...


Liliane is always ready to stop and light up a photo with that winning smile!


"Let's do it again!"


Sharon leads and Liliane brings up the rear, helping Jeremiah up the rope ladder.


Hey Jer, wanna ride down with Liliane?


"Thanks, but I go with Sharon!!!"


Ok, I'm a completely biased and besotted parent, but is that face adorable or what.


It's a race...ready, set, go!


"I do it!!!"


Back up for more sliding, this time with David and Marisa!


Jeremiah deciding between another solo ride, or riding with Mommy!


"I do it?"...


"No, I go with Mommy...yea!!!"


"Did you see me slide?"


Sharon and Jeremiah get a blurry-fast ride from Liliane.


"I make basket from here?"

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