Sharon's Bat Mitzvah - Friends and Family!

Created: 01 May 2005


Proud Grandma and Grandpa (Sandra and Arthur)


Ellen, Jamie, and Evan


Evan loves his daddy!


Evan eyes the treats!


Oslynn and Evan


Miriam looking for the perfect karaoke tune.


Sharon coping with friends and family!


Marisa and Jeremiah


Marisa and Terese


Terese and Nicole


Jeremiah and Liliane


Evan and Grandpa (Arthur)


Emmet lights the havdalah candle, while Angie oversees, and others look on.


Lisa and Kristin


Itzik and his family


Angie still can't keep her eyes off David, and David,,,uh, well, can't take his eyes off the chocolate bar!


Jonah gets a wise word from his dad.


Sharon...yep, happy again!


Emily lost in thought...


Chana smiling at the happenings...


Loretta, Grandpa (Arthur), and Ari decide which Ben and Jerry's is their favorite tonight!




Eric, Kristin, and Sue, muggin' for the camera!


Lisa, Doug, Larry, and Jane...look like they're havin' fun!


Sharon with Liliane...oh, surprise, happy yet again!!!


Mom and David


Sandra with the camera at the ready!


Zev, Gabe, Maggie, Sharon, and Sam



Jackie and Daniel...don't they look cute!!


Rick and Audrey


Shelby, Taylor, Annie, Mae, Preterra, Elaina

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