Sharon's Bat Mitzvah - Dancing!

Created: 13 Apr 2005


So pretty and peaceful...


Can we start dancing yet?


Let's Dance!


Yep, even all us really old folks got up and partied too!


Sharon's got a pretty good grip there!


She's just a blur...


Is mom having a great time...or just terrified?


...and they're all thinkin' "oy! I'm getting too old for this!"


Proud...yet slightly nervous looking papa!


yes, the world did really revolve around Sharon this one night!


YMCA? Y-not?


Emily and Alex


Angie jumps right in, while David sizes up the steps.


You go girl!


"Hey yo ya! Ani sho'el."


Line dancin' the night away!


Watch his feet, watch the leader, watch the camera...whatever works for you!


Reach for the stars!


Do not adjust your television...


shake it shake it shake it

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