Sharon's Bat Mitzvah - Sunday Brunch!

Created: 27 Apr 2005


Carol and Arielle nosh...


Arielle and Eve create their masterpieces, while Rachele heads off to enjoy hers.




Coffee and conversation for the grownups...

  for the kids!


...and back for more noshing...


Kristin and Ian are captivated as Sue makes a point...




What is that up on the ceiling?


Evan shows Rachele how this toy works


Hi Eve!


Carol ponders her coffee


Grandpa (Arthur) successfully achieves a very thoughtful pose...


...and now, back for some more food!


Hmm...think we got enough bagels!?


Liliane just couldn't wait to taste her treats...


Ah, we haven't yet seen the kugel!


Jeremiah enjoyed some of Dad's bagel, but the lox didn't float his boat!


David listens intently...or is he just too stuffed to move?


Good bagel Rachele?


Terese shows off the guestbook...


It was such a delight to see family and friends together, some for the first time!


Carol and Arielle talk with Doug, while Matthew loads up a plate...


Matthew's tells Ari: Ya gotta eat to keep building that teen body!!

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