Toby's Bar Mitzvah
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Where to Stay
We have a group rate here - includes continental breakfast.
We have a group rate here...and our best negotiated price!
Other accomodations... These travel sites all have their special deals. It's worth checking back with them even after you've booked, because you may find a last minute special rate. (Beware of cancellation fees though!)
Use the advanced search feature, and enter our address: 5533 Bryant Ave S., Mpls. MN 55419
Use the advanced search feature, and enter our address: 5533 Bryant Ave S., Mpls. MN 55419
Things to See and Do
Hundreds of stores, attractions, rather decent restaurants, everything you could want from a mall...supersized!
In the heart of the mall, a mini-amusement park, completely indoors...but it still has a rollercoaster, log flume, kiddie rides, etc.
Pricey, but cool walk-through aquarium (the fish swim around and over you!), plus petting pools at the end.
Hiking, and biking trails that link to Minnehaha Park and the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge. Canoe on Gun Club Lake, play golf, swim in Snelling Lake, or hike on Pike Island where the Mississippi and Minnesota rivers converge. Trails also allow visitors to hike up to the historic Fort Snelling for a view of military life in the 1820s.
This is the lake closest to our house, where you'll find walking and biking paths, gardens, places to just hang out, and great music almost nightly at the bandshell.
Great, big, honkin' lake 20 minutes west of downtown. Beautiful to just drive around, look at the water, and jaw-dropping homes!
In the center of our city, you can walk, ride, and drive around a chain of four lakes. Each offers it's own set of additional activities and attractions.
Year four of the ongoing tribute to St. Paul native Charles Schulz, this year is dedicated to Linus, Judy's personal favorite. There are dozens of artistic interpretations of Linus, created by local artists, on identical base statues. They'll be on display around downtown St. Paul.
A wonderful children's museum, for kids of all ages, but especially for those 8 and younger.
For those who find the above experience just a bit too childish, this is the place to spend a few hours.
"The worst collection of architecture in the world" -- Frank Lloyd Wright. "A mausoleum of American architectural monstrosities" -- F. Scott Fitzgerald.
Extending nearly 5 miles along Summit Avenue, is the longest remaining stretch of residential Victorian architecture in the United States.
Smaller of the two Twin Cities zoos, this park also features a wonderful conservatory.

Located about 25 minute south of us, this zoo features terrific bird shows in an outdoor amphitheater, a really cool aquarium with dolphin shows and such, and all the great animals you'd want to see in a zoo!

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