Dear friends and relatives:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for coming here today to help celebrate a special time in Toby's life – his bar mitzvah. We feel honoured that you have come to join us in our simcha, and especially those who have travelled far distances – from Israel, Arizona, New York, Washington and Toronto.

Judy and Ian, you have truly made a difference in Toby and Sharon's lives, and I would like to thank you for all you have done in raising them. I could not have done a better job in picking a stepfather for my children. Thank you.

My wife Judy. You have been my strength. You became an instant mother when we got married and have done an outstanding job with Sharon and Toby. I could not have done it without your understanding and support. I love you.

Toby, today is your day and I could not be any happier. You did an excellent job reading your portion. You made your mother and me very proud today, as we are always. Toby, as is tradition in our family, your Saba Fishel, my father, passed to me a tallis on my bar mitzvah. I am passing to you that same tallis. One day, I hope you will pass this same tallis to your own child.

At simchas, it is also tradition to mention our dear ones who are no longer with us. I am sure my mother Dvora and father Fishel, Toby and Sharon's Safta and Saba, are looking down and kvelling.

I thank all of you once again, and please enjoy the rest of the day.